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Web Design Consultancy

Analyse. Alter. Test.

Design is fashion, and fashions are forever changing. When it comes to design, it is all a matter of opinion and taste, and not necessarily the opinion and taste of the company or the designer, but the opinion of the target audience and customers.

To settle on a website design for years, or even months without making changes, no matter how subtle, would be naive. As we said above, design is fashion, and audience's aesthetic tastes are constantly changing.

We look at website analytics to monitor visitor bounce rates and drop off points in order to see where the successes and pitfalls of the website lie. From this we begin to look at what design aspects may be causing the drop off points and try to plug the gap.

As designers our opinion and taste is not always the taste of the target audience, and we will openly admit that. The only way to see the effects of a design change, no matter how subtle, is to test. The design consultancy works because we are constantly monitor site performance and analyse the effects of any changes we make and compare these to the existing design. We use split testing software to distribute site traffic between the existing version and an altered version of a webpage with design tweaks, we can then look at how the alterations have effected conversions and visitor interactions , if at all, and if they have a positive effect, then look to implement them on the site permanently.

The overall outcome of the design consultancy, is to work the client to constantly ensure that bounce rates are kept to a minimum, conversions are as high possible and their website is always relevant and appealing to their target audience.

Our Process.

Before we can look at what needs changing on the site to get the most out of it, we need to look at the site analytics to review what is currently performing well and what isn't. As a simple example, if we see that the contact form page is getting a lot of visits, but hardly any form submissions, then there is obviously something that is putting visitors off filling in the form.

We make real use of the knowledge and information gained from the analysis part of the process to understand which sections need design changes. We make design changes to sections that we feel will have a positive impact on the under performing sections of the site. Once the changes have been completed, we prepare these for testing.

Rather than uploading the altered page design straight to the live site for all visitors to see, we upload it to the server and use a/b split testing software to distribute traffic between the existing page and the altered version. Testing the alterations this way allows us to do a direct comparison between the different designs to see if one performs better than the other before making permanent decisions and changes to the live page.

This service is not about a full site redesign, but rather constant performance analysis and subtle changes that ensure your site is always fresh, functional and successful. If our changes do not have an impact or have a negative impact on performance, then we try something else and constantly experiment with ideas to increase conversions and page performance. Once one page is performing to its maximum capability, we move on to other pages. We are not happy until the whole site functions like a well oiled machine and all leaks that push people away from the site are plugged.

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