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Magento E-commerce Solutions.

Understand. Develop. Convert.

Our team combine their passion, knowledge and understanding to create and deliver the perfect solution for every type of E-commerce website.

The design and development of an E-commerce website is pivotal to the success of the business. We design with real thought for user experience and user interface to ensure the visitor conversion rate is high and to ensure the bounce rate of the website is low. From the design, we custom code the website into Magento . The outcome is a highly functional website with many extra solutions to attract customers, to keep customers on the website , to convert customers and to retain customers. We see this as a water flow like process which is always kept in mind through the full process of the E-commerce service which we offer. A snippet of the features included in our E-commerce solutions are:

  • Product management
  • Stock management
  • Product feeds - Ebay, amazon and more.
  • Customer and order management
  • Mobile and device responsive
  • Cart abandonment - Read more here
  • Discount and offer code setup
  • Further re-engagement tools and assistance - Read more here
  • Payment Gateway integration - Sagepay, Stripe, PayPal and more.

Our Process.

Business and project analysis .
The first, and one of the most crucial parts of the process is to fully understand the business needs in relation to the website. The target market and types of customers of the E-commerce website needs to analysed. The competitors of the market is also a must, understanding these is key to the project and the business. All design and feature requirements are discussed and confirmed at this stage.

Understand and project planning.
Before any development and coding begins, we ensure we fully understand the project. As a team we analyse the project scope and the website designs. Once the project scope and project analysis have been studied as a team, we create a project gantt chart to outline the design and development flow. This ensures there is a clear plan of action and all team members are fully informed on the project requirements.

With the project analysis and planning completed, our team can begin the though process of the user interface and user experience of the website. The design phase fully outlines all elements, features and layouts of the website. We dedicate a great amount of time to this part of the process as it is key to conversion rates and bounce rates of the website.

Development is the next step. Our developers now begin custom coding the website following the project brief and gantt chart tightly. All features and functionality are fully developed, ensuring user experience is at it's best. With these being followed, deadlines are met which is an important aspect of the project.

Time is dedicated to testing the website. This is vital to ensure no bugs and errors exist throughout the website. This ensures that the website is perfect ready for launch.

The website has now been fully developed and tested. The launch phase is fully managed by the VisionSharp team.

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