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How To Create A Positive User Experience

It’s no secret that user experience (UX) should be at the forefront of every web designer out there. Whether they’re clicking on your website through mobile or desktop, internet users are bound to expect to see a certain standard and to have an enjoyable experience- anything less than this, and you can safely bet that they’ll just become an addition to your bounce rate as they check out one of your competitors instead.

Due to the rising number of users connecting to the internet through a mobile device, it’s clear that mobile optimisation can no longer be considered a secondary concern, and must be the main priority of any business owner wanting to succeed online. This means that it’s imperative that your website delivers a positive UX on both the mobile and desktop platforms, so that you aren’t alienating any of your users.

But what makes a positive user experience? We’re glad you asked, because we’re here at VisionSharp to run you through it…

  • Aesthetics
  • Saving Time
  • Users

The first thing any user is likely to notice is how your website looks. This means that your site obviously needs to be attractive enough to persuade users to stick around, rather than repelling them and forcing them to look elsewhere. By effectively incorporating strong colours and your existing brand image, you’re website will not only look attractive, but will also add a certain element of professionalism to your online presence.

When a user clicks onto your website, the last thing they want is confusing navigation or complicated menu’s, as they simply won’t have the patience to bother learning how to use your site. To counter such an issue and provide a great UX, you need to ensure that you’re saving your users valuable time through the simple layout of your website. By displaying a clear path to conversion and offering a stress-free experience, you’ll be ensuring that your users enjoy exploring your site.

The key to offering a great UX lies through understanding who your users are and what they want when they click onto your site. This will probably involve having to do a bit of research to find out which demographic your site should target. Collating info on the age, gender and general habits of your users will allow you to tailor your site to meet their requirements, and this is why understanding your analytics is so important to your UX.

At VisionSharp, we place UX at the heart of every project we do, which is why we provide the best web design Manchester has to offer!


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